Working for the common good.

More info is coming soon for the 2014 conference. Last year’s info is below.

One unique aspect of this conference will be that you will be able to choose from 7 “tracks” that focus on specific vocational areas.
For an hour and a half, local expert practitioners will guide you in a small group exploration of the nexus of faith and the discipline of your choice.

  • Balance.
    Kate Harris

    In a culture longing to have it all, God’s vision of the good life is shaped by proper relationship between vocation, family, and rest.

    Young Professionals. Homemakers. Dual Career Families.

  • Learning.
    Annie Campbell & Damon Jiggets

    Thriving communities require the committed nurture of life-long learners. Producing those life-long learners throughout society is no easy feat.

    Education. Mentoring. Parenting

  • Justice.
    Doug Rucker & Jonnel Lilly

    While societies across history and geography view justice as a basic human virtue, its consistent presence is elusive everywhere.

    Law. Public Policy. Social Justice.

  • Healing.
    Danny Avula & John Pierce

    Efforts towards wholeness of body, mind, and spirit are a vital sign of good in the face of the widespread broken-ness of our world.

    Medicine. Therapy. Public Health.

  • Design.
    Ansel Olson & Alana Kucharski

    The shape (whether good or bad) of our homes, our workplaces, our city has an inevitable effect on overall human flourishing.

    Places. Products. Visual Media.

  • Wealth.
    Erin Holler & Janet Wills

    Although we know that real wealth is seldom reducible to money, the pursuit and allure of money remains powerful.

    Finance. Banking. Philanthropy.

  • Media.
    Nate Clarke & Ross Catrow

    In our media-saturated world, there are opportunities for media channels to curate truth, beauty, and order.

    Journalism. Social Media. Story