Working for the common good.

Coming Up

Conversation for the Common Good

Thursday, March 16th
The Fourhundred (400 West 32nd Street)


Public conversation is more than just the debates we hear in the news and the ideas that they communicate. Public conversation is a way of life. It happens on front porches, in podcasts, on newspapers, and through social media posts. The way we talk about our shared concerns both shows us who we are and shapes who we are becoming.

At best, public conversation reveals vision of who we hope to become. It pushes us towards the understanding of those different from us, the uncovering of shared identities, and the collaboration for common visions. At worst it convinces us that we are fundamentally divided, that there is no hope to either convince or understand the other, and it leaves us isolated in our echo chambers.

How can Richmond be a model of visionary public conversation? What if the conversations that happened in public, and in private, around Richmond were the kind that pushed us towards crossing divides, towards cultivating an ability to challenge personal perspectives, towards collaborating in unusual coalitions, and towards uncovering shared identities for the Common Good.

Conversation for the Common Good is a panel event hosted by Common Good RVA that will ask the questions “How can dialogue in Richmond be shaped for the common good of all who live here?” and “What kind of conversations does it take to help Richmond become a city on a hill?”

Speakers will include John Inazu, the author of Confident Pluralism: Surviving and Thriving Through Deep Difference, Dr. David Campt, a nationally renowned expert in dialogue and civic engagement, and Tiffany Hall Terry, the director of community engagement at Caritas.