Working for the common good.


Common Good RVA is a post-partisan vision for Richmond’s flourishing that finds concrete expression in everyday decisions for the common good.


Richmond needs many more people who see their working lives for the common good. Within this simple premise are two significant ideas:

First, the common good involves all of who we are (including primarily our working lives) not just community service.
Second, the common good involves all of what Richmond is so that our flourishing is tied up with the flourishing of others.


Common Good RVA is an idea born in the summer of 2012 when several faith communities decided to work together for the common flourishing of the city. A two-day conference with 250 in attendance was held in January 2013.

Working to Advance the Common Good of Richmond

Common Good RVA continues its work through smaller discussions, events, resources, and neighborhood-based initiatives. We will accomplish our work through: Cultivation, Creation, Curation, and Collaboration.

Cultivation: apprenticing existing leaders and institutions (church, school, businesses) to cultivate habits that foster the common good and fluency in those ideas that undergird the common good.
Creation. By resourcing and incubating vocational initiatives (e.g. art, business) for the common good.
Curation. By celebrating and promoting the common good of Richmond.
Collaboration. By furthering regional cooperation of Richmond and its counties towards common good.


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