Working for the common good.

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Conversation for the Common Good

Thursday, March 16th
The Fourhundred (400 West 32nd Street)

Public conversation is more than just the debates we hear in the news and the ideas that they communicate. Public conversation is a way of life. It happens on front porches, in podcasts, on newspapers, and through social media posts. The way we talk about our shared concerns both shows us who we are and shapes who we are becoming.


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There’s a whole lot of good going on in Richmond these days. Just about everywhere you look — in art, business, food, neighborhoods, families, etc. — there are huge, exciting changes afoot. Want to be a part of the positive energy that’s taken hold of our city, but feel like it’s an unattainable goal if you don’t work at a non-profit or a think tank? Common Good RVA has grown out of the desire to affirm that goal, to find out ways we can achieve it in our everyday lives, and to recognize and be inspired by others who are already promoting the good of Richmond in their workplaces daily. Interested in learning more about our history, vision, and efforts?